Mono-pitch canopy

PARK-E 400/PARK-E 400XL.mono-pitch canopy

The benefits of a carport at a glance

Le carport protège la voiture de la pluie, vent et neige

Sun and weather protection

Power generation


Quick and easy to install

Promote your Corporate Social Responsibility credentials

PARK-E 400 is available in several sizes.. The specific configuration of the roof, with a 7° inclination of the solar panels, allows both the optimization of photovoltaic production and the most effective protection of the vehicles.

Dimensions (Depth * Width) | Area Maximum height Number of PV panels* Parking space(s)
5,762 * 3,704 m | 21 sqm 2,996 m (XL version: 3500) 10 1
5,762 * 5,454 m | 31 sqm 2,996 m (version XL: 3500) 15 2
5,762 * 16,062 m | 93 sqm 2,996 m (XL version: 3500) 45 6
5,762 * 31,974 m | 184 sqm 2,996 m (XL version: 3500) 90 12
NB: Unlimited side assemblies with the 1 or 2 parking spaces models.

Compatibility with framed modules

  • Length: 1722 to 1724 mm
  • Width: 1132 to 1150 mm
  • Thickness: 30 to 45 mm


  • Supply of photovoltaic modules
  • Photovoltaic package (modules, inverters and cables): consult us
  • Charging station mounting plate
  • Charging stations: 7.2 or 22 kW (compatible with all types of charging station).



Protect your vehicles from the sun and weather all year round.
• Furnish your exterior and gain square metres in your home.
• Enhance the value of your home and business premises with equipment that provides high added energy value.
• Recover your investment through energy production.
• Quick and easy to install.
• Adaptable and modular structure depending on the surface area to be covered and the number of vehicles to be charged.


• Power generation, free energy from the sun.
• Reduce your electricity bill.
• Become a player in the ecological transition by producing
clean, local and inexhaustible electricity and reduce your carbon footprint!

CLASS-E 400.Carport 100% photovoltaic

The benefits of a solar carport at a glance


Easy to install


Le carport protège la voiture de la pluie, vent et neige

Sun and weather protection

Photovoltaic carports that protect you from the sun while creating energy

CLASS-E 400 is a range of solar carports producing green energy, while providing protection against climatic variations. It allows you to enjoy an additional living space, sheltered, outside. It enhances the value of your home and achieves energy savings. The installation can be done in free standing as island (4 feet) or wall mounted(2 feet).

Furthermore, the unique slope shed configuration of the photovoltaic panels guarantees the best energy optimization.

A concentration of technology

  • Aluminium shed structure with a PV module slope of 7.5° for extreme energy efficiency whatever the geographical area,

  • Ground AND / OR wall mounted installations.

  • Compatible with almost all framed PV modules¹ ²

  • Compatible with micro inverters,

Choose the size of carport that best suits your project.

Several dimensions depending on the surface surface you want to protect and/or your required electricity production. Each carport is available with 2 and 4 posts.

Foot height: 2400 or 3300 mm

Version Dimensions (AxB) Number of PV panels Power (400 Wp modules) Area
CLASS-E 400 2×2 2946 x 3770 mm 4 1,6 kWp 11 sqm
CLASS-E 400 2×3

photovoltaic pergola or carport version 2x2

2946 x 5540 mm 6 2,4 kWp 16 sqm
CLASS-E 400 4×2

photovoltaic pergola version 4x2

5710 x 3770 mm 8 3,2 kWp 22 sqm
CLASS-E 400 3×3

photovoltaic pergola version 3x3

4328 x 5540 mm 9 3,6 kWp 24 sqm
CLASS-E 400 4×3photovoltaic pergola version 4x3 5710 x 5540 mm 12 4,8 kWp 32 sqm

¹ Compatibility with framed photovoltaic modules, Length: 1690 to 1770 mm Width: 1090 to 1160 mm, Thickness: 30 to 50 mm.

² Photovoltaic package: photovoltaic modules, micro-inverters, cables, please contact us.

Available colours

Anthracite grey

RAL 7016


RAL 9010

Your options

pergola with white polycarbonate plate and lighting
  • Photovoltaic modules
  • Photovoltaic package (photovoltaic modules, micro-inverters, cables), please contact us.
pergola with white polycarbonate plate and lighting

Built-in spots LED
IP54 – Neutral white 380 lumens per spot

pergola with white polycarbonate plate and lighting

Built-in feet bases
Footing section: 150 x 150 mm
(suitable for wall installation – 2 feet)

pergola with white polycarbonate plate and lighting

Ceiling, White polycarbonate plate 16 mm

pergola with white polycarbonate plate and lighting

Charging stations 7,2 or 22 kW

pergola with white polycarbonate plate and lighting

Several solar carports can be combined